Thoosje Tools

New Releases!

Desky ~ Windows Desktop Pet
Author: Thoosje
Version: 1.0

Desky is a fully animated and interactive windows desktop system that turns your desktop in a full animated and interactive experience.

When you install Desky and use it then you really can fully experience all the features it has. For example you can adjust the packs and your windows desktop to your own taste and even create your own animated desktop characters.

Thoosje Sidebar
Author: Thoosje & DeadCat37
Version: 4.2

Thoosje Sidebar for Windows 10 is a software program that comprises a collection of useful gadgets. The application places a sidebar on your desktop, which includes little utilities for weather, calendar, clock and so on. It has a fresh and stylish look and is highly customizable via the wide array of skins.

You can organize your favorite gadgets with the aid of six different sidebar pages, and easily jump to the next or previous one using dedicated buttons. The gadgets can be placed to the desired desktop position or embedded in the sidebar.

Thoosje Icon Creator
Author: Thoosje
Version: 1.0.0

Thoosje Icon Creator a new free utility to create, edit and convert icon files for Windows XP, Windows Seven, Windows 8 and Windows 10. The application comes in multiple spoken languages thanks to the build in language manager. CodeWonders Icon Creator V1 supports conversion to the populair image formats like (.png|.bmp|.jpeg|.gif|.tiff) and color depts (1bit,4bit,8bit,24bit,32bit)