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Welcome to the community for Windows OS Enhancement, Optimizing and Tweaking
Thoosje.Com offers Free Tools & Windows Gadgets & Windows 7 Themes to download Free to enhance your windows desktop. Like our well known Windows Sidebar. Visit the forum for news and support for Windows and our tools. Check our Windows 7 gadgets & Windows 8 gadgets, Windows 7 Themes or Windows 8 themes gallery and and our other 100% free software & Windows wallpapers.


New release - Thoosje Windows Sidebar 8 - The windows gadgets system for Windows 8 Get your sidebar and windows gadgets back in Windows 8
Now there is a completely renewed Thoosje Windows Sidebar 8 you can download free. It has his own unique developed independent windows gadgets system and runs on Windows 8. So you can get your windows gadgets back in Windows 8 or run it in older windows versions. For developers it's also possible to develop new gadgets for the free Windows Sidebar 8.

Thoosje windows Sidebar comes with 11 of the most used desktop gadgets like a clock gadget, Calendar gadget, CPU/memory gadget, Search gadgets, Hard Drive gadgets, Media player, quick launch, RSS feed gadget and more. An addtionional free gadget pack is under development now and will be released this year.

More info on Windows Sidebar 8   Download Windows Sidebar 8 here

Windows 7 Gadgets Pack - by thoosje Free Windows 7 Gadget Pack - With top 25 windows 7 gadgets

Since Microsoft closed down the Windows 7 Gadgets Gallery on their website the search for nice gadgets is more difficult. For all those that love Windows 7 Gadgets we created the top 25 gadget pack.A new simple tool to install gadgets in one click. Their are several windows gadgets categories inside the windows Gadget pack like: Clock gadgets, Search Gadgets, Calender Gadgets, CPU Gadgets, Tool Gadgets and Game Gadgets.

The Gadgets are easy to install just select a category then select one or more gadgets for that category and move on to the next and repeat selecting the gadgets you want to install. After selecting the gadgets just click the "Install Gadgets" button and all gadgets will install in one click on your desktop.

You also can easily install other gadgets or remove the gadgets you have installed.

More info on Windows Gadget Pack   Download Windows Gadgets Pack here

Codewonders - Free Windows Desktop & Mobile Tools

New Windows Software Project by Thoosje and Friends. They formed a a small team building desktop and mobile applications.

The new website for this project is www.CodeWonders.Com Checkout & Download 100% Free the first 3 new tools you can see on the left ->

Image Converter

Password Vault

Event Manager

A new utility to manage, convert and resize images for Windows 7 , Vista and XP. A utility that allows the user to store and manage passwords in an safe and easy and way. A great application to automate user processes on you your computer.
Download & Info Dowload & Info Download & Info

New major update - Free Windows Theme Manager 2.0 for windows 7 Themes - by thoosje Now with +1000 high quality Windows 7 Themes
Theme Manager is a “One Click” Windows 7 Themes manager designed to help you install and manage Windows 7 themes. Windows Theme Manager manages all your windows 7 themes in “One Click” and comes with 100’s of free High quality windows seven themes. It is better than the inbuilt theme manager in Windows. The Theme Manager comes with its own database that lets you connect in real-time to our themes database containing hundreds of professionally designed themes for Windows 7.

You get instant access to hundreds of themes that you can install in just “One Click.” No more browsing across multiple themes site in search for your favorite themes. Managing themes on your Windows 7 computer has never been easier
More info on Theme Manager   Download Theme Manager here

Free Windows 7 Themes - HD Quality
New!! Thoosje Windows Seven Sidebar 2.0
Windows Gadgets & Window 7 Gadgets
Examples of our free Windows 7 Themes
Snow leopard - 3D free windows 7 theme
snow leopard theme
More Animal Themes Theme Download
Kim Kardashian - Free windows 7 theme
snow leopard theme
More Celebrity Themes Theme Download
Check out our galleries for more themes
More Windows 7 Themes ->
Vista Sidebar

Thoosje Windows 7 Sidebar V2.0 is the new Windows Seven style sidebar for Windows XP and Vista.

It's 50% faster then the original sidebar and It has many gadgets like Various Search gadgets for Torrent, Google etc, Clock gadget, Calendar gadget, CPU harddrive Gadget and many more Sidebar gadgets. For more info, download and support click on the buttons below.

Click the buttons below for more info or to download the tool for free

windows 7 sidebartransparant sidebar read press release

Enhance your Windows 7 & Windows Vista Desktop with free Windows Gadgets. We collected +1000 of the most downloaded and popular Windows 7 gadget for you. Checkout our Windows 7 Gadgets , Windows 8 Gadgets and download the free windows 7 gadgets. The largest free Desktop gadgets collection to download


CPU Gadgets for Windows 7
Windows Clock Gadgets Weather Gadgets
CPU Gadgets Clock Gadgets Weather
Top 10 windows gadgets e-Mail gadgets for windows calendar gadgets
Media gadgets Win 7 News Gadgets Search Gadgets for windows
Music Gadgets News Gadgets Search Gadgets
Thoosje Vista Sidebar 3.1.0
Thoosje Vista Tweaker 2.0
Thoosje Quick Optimizer for XP
Vista Sidebar

Thoosje Vista Sidebar V3.1 is The sidebar for Vista for Windows XP. Important update error wheater gadget fixed new version > read more

It's 50% faster then the original sidebar and It has many gadgets like Various Search gadgets for Torrent, Google etc, Clock gadget, Calendar gadget, CPU harddrive Gadget and many more Sidebar gadgets. For more info, download and support click on the buttons below.

windows sidebarsidebar  
Vista Tweaker

New Major Update . The first 100% free professional power tool to Tweak and Optimize Windows Vista! Now 8 languages supported,

More new great features and over 60 tweaks that you can individually apply to tweak and optimize your Windows Vista Without having the knowledge of the Windows registry and system settings. Click on more info to read about it

Read Press release
optimize windows XP

Is your Windows getting slow!! Optimize your Windows XP with our new optimizer in just seconds.

This optimizer allows you to optimize Windows XP in an simple, effective and secure way. After installing Thoosje Quick XP Optimizer your OS System runs faster, applications will load quicker and run smoother, plus browsing of your files and the Internet will speed up.


Windows Codecs Packs
Thoosje Internet Toolbar 2.0
Windows 7 Logon editor
codecs packs

Choose from our 7 Free Codec Packs for Windows OS

We offer a separate Codec Pack for Windows 7, Windows Vista & Windows XP. There is a Basic version and a Pro Version for every OS. When you have a 64BIT Windows we recommend to install our free 64BIT Codecs Pack in addition to our Codec Pack or other codec packs you may have installed.

  • Windows 7 Codecs Pack "Basic "
  • Windows 7 Codecs Pack "Pro "
  • Windows Vista Codecs Pack "Basic"
  • Windows Vista Codecs Pack "Pro"
  • Windows XP Codecs Pack "Basic"
  • Windows XP Codecs Pack "Pro"
  • Windows 64BIT Codecs Pack

free codec packcodecspacks

internet toolbar
twitter YouTube iPhone MTV wikipedia twitter
games weather eBay dizzler google search hotmail

Download now the most advanced 100% free toolbar on the Internet. For IExplorer, Firefox or Safari browser + Windows, Linux or MAC OS

With over 1000 free extra gadgets that are easy to add , remove and download with one click,
the Internet toolbar gadgets are for many websites and services like: msn, twitter, skype, ebay, dizzler, mtv, gmail, hotmail, facebook, myspace, youtube, google iPhone, wikipedia, wheater, and hundreds more free gadgets for you to download

internet toolbar
change your windows 7 logon screen

Not only changing your Windows 7 login screen is easy and save with our free tool The Thoosje Windows 7 login editor.

It also comes with a libairy of free login screen backgrounds, Like great windows 3D logo's and various other Themes like Movie, Cars and many more. .


Free downloads for Windows
Thoosje Windows Sidebar
Free tools by Thoosje
Vista Sidebar

Free Stuff

Here are some quick links to the most important pages for the Thoosje Windows Sidebars for Windows 8/7Vista/XP on website

Free Tools by Thoosje

Free windows gadgets & Free windows wallpapers
Windows 7 & Vista Wallpapers Vista + 7 Sidebar Gadgets
Windows 7 Wallpapers
Vista Sidebar GadgetVista Sidebar Gadgets gathered a high quality collection Windows 7 Wallpapers & Vista Wallpapers for you.

Click on the buttons below to go to the Vista or Windows 7 Wallpaper Gallery

We have well over 200 Windows Vista and Windows 7 collected in this Gallery

Vista Wallpaper

Windows 7 Wallpaper

In our free windows gadgets section you find a Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget Gallery with hundreds of Sidebar Gadgets for the Original Vista Sidebar to download.

Click on the links below to go to the windows gadget Gallery. or the windows seven gadget gallery and download the gadget you want.

OS Enhancement
Top 10 Transformation Pack Windows Skins
Vista Transformation Pack
Windows Skins

Check out our gallery with the best Transformation packs on the web. Over 15 transformation pack for Windows and Linux. Change your Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 into Linux, MAC osx or Windows 7.

Like Vistamizer - Remix 7 for XP - Remix 7 for Vista - Vista Transformation pack 9 - Mac leopard for XP - Mac leopard for Vista, Windows 7 transformation pack - Ubuntu fo XP and many more.

Coming soon Windows 8 Transformation pack gathered the best Windows Skins for you to let you change the visual appearance of your Windows.

You can download the skins for free from our Skins gallery and see what kind of look you want for your OS.

Transfromation pack gallery
windows skinswindows skin

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