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GTextBox Class


  Name Description
GTextBox Initializes new instance of the GTextBox control.


  Name Description
Dispose() Marks the object for disposal.


  Name Description
System.Drawing.Color BackgroundColor Gets or sets the control's background color.
System.Drawing.Color BorderColor Gets or sets the control's border color.
System.Drawing.Font Font Gets or sets the control's font.
System.Drawing.Color ForeColor Gets or sets the control's font color.
char PasswordChar Gets or sets the character displayed to mask input.
bool ReadOnly Gets or sets a value indicating whether the textbox can not be written in.
string SelectedText Gets the currently selected text in the textbox.
string Text Gets or sets the control's text.
int TextLength Gets the length of the text in the textbox.


  Name Description
System.EventHandler BackColorChanged Fires when the backgroundcolor is changed.
System.EventHandler BorderColorChanged Fires when the bordercolor is changed.
System.EventHandler EnterPressed Fires when the enter key is pressed in the textbox.
System.EventHandler ForeColorChanged Fires when the forecolor changes.
System.EventHandler SelectionChanged Fires when the textselection is changed.
System.EventHandler TextChanged Fires when the text in the textbox is changed.