GadgetControlCollection Class


  Name Description
GadgetControlCollection Initializes new instance of the GadgetControlCollection class.


  Name Description
Add(CodeWonders.Sidebar.GControl) Add a GControl to the collection.
AddRange(CodeWonders.Sidebar.GControl[]) Add an array of controls to the collection.
BringToFront(CodeWonders.Sidebar.GControl) Bring a control to the top.
Clear() Clear the list of registered controls.
Contains(CodeWonders.Sidebar.GControl) Returns a boolean value indicating whether a control is in this collection.
DefocusAll() Removes the focus from all controls in this collection.
Dispose() Disposes the collection and the collected controls.
DisposeAllControls() Disposes the collected GControls.
Focus(CodeWonders.Sidebar.GControl) Puts focus on the passed GControl.
Insert(int, CodeWonders.Sidebar.GControl) Inserts a control into the collection at the specified index.
Remove(CodeWonders.Sidebar.GControl) Removes the specified control from the collection.
RemoveAt(int) Removes the control at the specified index from the collection.
SendToBack(CodeWonders.Sidebar.GControl) Sends the specified control to the bottom.
SetIndex(CodeWonders.Sidebar.GControl, int) Sets the index of the specified control to the specified value.


  Name Description
int Count Gets the amount of controls in this collection.
this[int] Gets the control at the specified index.