Desky ~ The Desktop Pet For Windows

Desky Virtual Desktop Pet

Desky is a fully animated and interactive desktop pet system for windows.

If you like animals, gaming or cartoon characters, space aliens or one of the many other themes. Then there is a pack with a theme you Love.

Try the fully functioning free Desky version to see your desktop come alive and experience all the features it has. For example you can adjust the packs and your windows desktop to your own taste.

You can even create your own animated desktop characters by loading custom Gif Animations and Spritesheets.

Desky Functionality & Features

Basic Premium
Pets On Desktop 4 Unlimited
Create Custom Animated Pets 3 Unlimited
Free Plugins 1 Unlimited
Desky Theme Packs 14 Unlimited
Special Theme Packs
Third Party Packs
Updates - Until next major version (2022)
Free $2

Desky Features & Functionality

Create Custom Desktop Pets

Desky's most fun feature allows the user to create their own animated desktop characters in a very user friendly way. And allowing the user to load their own Gif Animations and Spritesheets as Desky Animations.

Online Animations Library

Desky features an online library with dozens of extra animations in various categories. Every month there will be new animation packs uploaded by the Desky Theme Pack creators that are available for the Desky Premium version. Desky also features the option to install custom packs from third-party creators.

Online Plugin Library

A Plug-in can contain a extra feature for the interactive system. Like the behaviour options for characters but also things like a gaming component. The plug-in Library contains plug-in created by Thoosje or third party plug-in that are approved by Thoosje. These are accessible for Desky Premium users. We are currently busy to expand the plug-in library. As soon as new plug-ins are available these will show automatically in the Plug-in Library that is accessible by Desky Premium users.