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Windows 7 gadgets pack

Free Windows 7 Gadget Pack - With top 25 gadgets

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Since Microsoft closed down the Windows 7 Gadgets Gallery on their website the search for nice gadgets is more difficult. For all those that love Windows 7 Gadgets we created the top 25 gadget pack. A new simple tool to install gadgets in one click. Their are several gadget categories inside the Gadget pack like: Clock gadgets, Search Gadgets, Calender Gadgets, CPU Gadgets, Tool Gadgets and Game Gadgets.
windows 7 gadgets

The Gadgets are easy to install just select a category then select one or more gadgets for that category and move on to the next and repeat selecting the gadgets you want to install. After selecting the gadgets just click the "Install Gadgets" button and all gadgets will install in one click on your desktop.

You also can easily install other gadgets or remove the gadgets you have installed. Just startup the Windows 7 Gadgets pack any time you want to change or install extra gadgets from the start menu -programs or just double click the gadget pack link on your desktop.

If you want even more gadgets you can choose out of over 500 windows 7 gadgets here on our website


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